Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Incredible Image

There is an international community of skyscraper enthusiasts who regularly post comments on Skyscrapercity.com. Some of them take it a higher level and create graphic images of the wonderful towers and skylines that catch their fancy.

Needless to say, Dubai and Dubai Marina are favorite threads among such enthusiasts on the Skyscrapercity.com forum. Below is one particularly inspiring image of the Dubai Marina created by the forumer who goes by the handle Malec.

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About the Image

It depicts in part a real, planned and imagined version of the Dubai Marina. The tall, colorful towers at left are either real or planned (most at present U/C). The smaller shaded buildings across the length of the picture represent mostly structures that already exist. The tall, shadowed images at right are imagined.

The image highlights what is considered a newly revealed possibility for the Marina. That is, that super-tall towers will be spread out across the Marina district, and not only in the area at left--sometimes referred to as the Tallest Block on the Planet.

These imagined towers would presumably come up along the beach front. At right, there is one colored-in tall tower at beach front which has been proposed. This tower is what fuels the suspicion that more such towers could rise up along the beach. Also notice in the background, at right center, a very tall tower, which is the rumored Al Burj, a 200+ story tower expected to be announced soon.

Even More

As liberally as the image depicts the emergence of more super-tall towers, it omits a number of substantial projects already announced. One of these is the Dubai Promenade--a collection of residential, office and hotel towers on a peninsula that sticks out at Marina center.

There is also the soon to be announced complex of three super-talls--a 90 story and two 100 story towers for the tallest block. Furthermore, if the beach front super-tall towers become reality, one can well expect these to come up right in front of the colorful row of towers depicted at left.

Any way one looks at it, the Dubai Marina skyline is already phenomenal and will be even more so in years to come. That, I say, calls for a drum roll...

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